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Hello All,

Just figured I'd share NOVA's documentary on the WWI Zeppelin bombers. Interesting stuff, particularly interesting were the mechanics behind some of the German and British tech that made the raids (and the defense against them) possible. Also: Quotes from Peter Strasser, lovely (digital) airships, and an intimate look at Goldbeater's Skin.…

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Excellent page on the Golden Age of airships
California based company operating a Zeppelin NT in America…
Official website of Zeppelin GmbH. Available in German and English…
Website devoted to the history of the Zeppelin airship…
Excellent page on the British Imperial Airship Program…
"Zeppelin's Airships", a fun little historical sight. gives a brief history of the lighter-than-air vessels through the ages.

This site has a most extensive knowledge and forum devoted to not just the "aerial dreadnoughts" of the Great War, but to all manner of WW I aircraft. Great site!

Motion Picture Resources

The LZ 127 Graf Zeppelin…………

The LZ 129 Hindenburg…………

The "Night Raiders" (World War I zeppelins)……

ZRS-4 Akron and ZRS-5 Macon…………

R-101 and R-100………


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28crucis Mar 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I am very, very disappointed that not one of the great dirigibles (or even a semi-rigid like the Norge) made it into a museum ship. What Goring did to both Graf Zeppelins is one thing, but you'd think that at the very least the Navy could've preserved the ZR-III. They wouldn't even have to pump her cells with air, her frame would keep her in shape.

And seriously I don't think it'll be very expensive at all to make a full-scale replica of the Nordstern or the Bodensee, heck, even the Hindenburg :( To save costs, it wouldn't have to be 100% accurate as long as we be honest about it. Think of it.. a fairground or aerospace / naval museum replete with a great gleaming hull. You'd need no helium, just bracing to hold it up. I actually teared when I ascended the stairs into that little section of the Hindenburg in Friedrichschafen. It was such a privilege.

With educational replicas like that there should be a better chance at rousing enough public (read: Bruce Dickinson-type) interest to get LTAs which actually look like zeppelins up in the air again.

Ok rant over, it's just that this has been on my mind the past day.
The-Necromancer Mar 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Personally, the USS Los Angeles would have likely been the most suitable candidate for preservation. Either of the Graf Zeppelins, while majestic, would likely have gotten bombed along with most of Friedrichschafen during the war, and no other vessel was around at the time to be saved.

It is one of my many desires to eventually go to the Zeppelin Museum. Lucky devil...

As an added feature of joy and inherent feel-good, check this out. It made me grin from ear to ear just watching it, for reasons that are beyond my ability to describe:…
The thing that saddens me horribly about the Zeppelin Museum is that there is no Zeppelin in it.   I want desperately to rebuild an airship, and in the proper way........
28crucis Mar 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome footage!! Video really helps to convey scale. Thanks for the link.

I was only able to stop by at Friedrichschafen though.. Had just enough time to visit the museum; while you can see photographs of the main exhibits on sites like flickr, it's still possible to spend several hours poring over everything in detail. I couldn't afford an NT flight, but at least I SAW ONE cruising in the distance :D

Agh, I wish they did preserve the USS Los Angeles. I wonder if they considered it. I'd think that after all the navy pumped into the programme they would see some merit in keeping her.
The-Necromancer Mar 6, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Los Angeles was likely scrapped due to the demise of large LTA vessels in actual strategic purpose. Once radar, although in it's infancy, arrived it was basically game over for the scout role of the airship. Sadly, I've never heard of any effort to persuade the US Navy to preserve the Los Angeles. Back then, I imagine, it wasn't really something people thought of. Just like the infamous USS Enterprise of WWII fame ended up at the mercies of the breakers, so too did the Los Angeles. It was likely also in part due to the huge sums of money spent on the LTA programme that doomed Los Angeles, as scrapping her was a (trivial) way of recouping some of that money as well as reusing the metal in the air frame for radar towers, etc. On the other hand, the cost of maintaining her even for display purposes would likely have been solidly unappealing at the time. Hell, it's part of why the Iowa class battleships have been handed over to the communities and semi-private organizations that take care of them as museums. Simply put, the Navy of the 1930s neither cared nor had the budget to keep the last of the American rigids around.

Oh, how I wish I would have taken the opportunity to see the Airship Ventures NT while it was in Wisconsin a few years back. And now? Airship Ventures is no more, and the NT is likely being optioned back to Zeppelin like the Japanese NT had been. It seems that only in Germany is the NT finding a way to sustain service. What I wouldn't give to see Zeppelin up their game and produce a few ships like the Bodensee and Nordstern for that long-ago though of route between Germany and Switzerland, or something of that manner. With possible exception to Aeroscraft, Zeppelin is the only airship producer with the ability to truly establish a new LTA travel service...

Glad the video was entertaining for you. has plenty of great stuff.
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